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Meet Catherine Theis, Translator of Italian poet Jolanda Insana’s “Slashing Sounds”

We’re excited to be publishing the first two translated collections of the relaunched Phoenix Poets series this fall! To celebrate new books in the series, we’re introducing Phoenix editors, poets, and translators through a series of short interviews. Here, we spoke with poet and translator Catherine Theis, whose new translation

Embodied Histories: A Playlist by Katya Motyl

In her new book, Embodied Histories, historian Katya Motyl explores the everyday acts of defiance that formed the basis for new, unconventional forms of womanhood in early twentieth-century Vienna. The figures Motyl brings back to life defied gender conformity, dressed in new ways, behaved brashly, and expressed themselves freely, overturning assumptions

Six Questions with Felice C. Frankel, author of the Visual Elements series

Felice C. Frankel is an award-winning photographer whose images have appeared everywhere from the New York Times to National Geographic, Newsweek, Science, and Nature. Uniquely, she is also a research scientist in chemical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In her extraordinary, decades-long career, Frankel has combined these talents,

Goodness with Edges, A Guest Post from John Lysaker

In Hope, Trust, and Forgiveness: Essays in Finitude, John Lysaker develops a new ethics of human finitude through three experimental essays. This week, Lysaker was named director of Emory University’s Center for Ethics, an academic institution whose purpose is to inspire and advance scholarship and education in ethics, to ignite

What to Read for Pride Month

To celebrate Pride Month, we’ve curated a vibrant reading list that captures the diverse experiences and profound contributions of the LGBTQ+ community. This selection delves into themes of love, identity, activism, and resilience, offering a rich tapestry of perspectives. Join us in embracing these powerful stories that illuminate the richness

What to Read This Summer: Suggestions from Our Team of Booklovers

As the warmth of summer embraces us, we’ve curated a captivating reading list that promises to engage your intellect and imagination during these sun-soaked days. For this summer, we’ve asked a few of our colleagues at the University of Chicago Press to share their recommendations. Their selections span an array

Five Questions with Neil Gong, author of “Sons, Daughters, and Sidewalk Psychotics: Mental Illness and Homelessness in Los Angeles”

In 2022, Los Angeles became the US county with the largest population of unhoused people, drawing a stark contrast with the wealth on display in its opulent neighborhoods. In Sons, Daughters, and Sidewalk Psychotics, sociologist Neil Gong traces the divide between the haves and have-nots in the psychiatric treatment systems that shape

Read Nin Andrews’ Interview with January Gill O’Neil, author of “Glitter Road”

As we continue our celebration of National Poetry Month, we’re excited to share a conversation between Nin Andrews, author of fifteen poetry collections, including her forthcoming collection Son of a Bird, and January Gill O’Neil, whose new book, Glitter Road, was published by CavanKerry Press earlier this year. January shares

A Reading List to Stay Sane During the 2024 Election Year

Few—if any—of us are looking forward to the upcoming 2024 Election season. During such a historically tumultuous year, most Americans are chiefly concerned with safeguarding their emotional and mental wellbeing while being engaged political citizens. Nothing about this election will be simple or inconsequential—and that is precisely why it matters

What to Read for National Poetry Month

In honor of National Poetry Month, celebrated every April, we’re sharing a roundup of poetry collections that have been published within the last year. Featuring Chicago’s Phoenix Poets Series as well as books from our distributed client presses, these books touch on subjects like race, identity, and queerness, national borders

Get Ready for MLB Opening Day with These Books

Opening day 2024 is fast approaching with all its excitement and anticipation. However, unless you are a Diamondbacks fan, you were probably disappointed with your team in 2023. (In Chicago, we got a double dose of disappointment.) Perhaps you aren’t hopeful for the 2024 season. If that’s the case, why

In Memoriam: Marjorie Perloff (1931–2024)

The University of Chicago Press mourns the passing of Marjorie Perloff, a long-time Press author and advisor. The following obituary was prepared by her family with the assistance of Charles Bernstein and the Press. One of the most influential American literary critics and scholars of modern and contemporary poetry, Marjorie