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A Harvest Time Reading List

So here it is, August, that time for the abundance you’ve been working on all summer. But now what? What are you going to do with all those tomatoes, string beans, and—worst of all—the dreaded zucchinis? We offer a selection of books that will tempt your palate and inspire you

Five Questions with Kevin J. Elliott, author of “Democracy for Busy People”

As election season draws ever closer, many voters face the dilemma of balancing being informed citizens with everyday responsibilities that impede their ability to participate in our nation’s government. In Democracy for Busy People, Kevin J. Elliott proposes new methods on how we can make democratic citizenship undemanding. Read on

Five Questions with Sam Stephenson and Alan Thomas about the Work of W. Eugene Smith

This year, the University of Chicago Press is publishing new editions of two stunning photography collections by famed American photographer W. Eugene Smith. We sat down with the author and editor of the books, Sam Stephenson, along with the Press’s editorial director, Alan Thomas, who brought these two books to

Read an Excerpt from “Disputed Inheritance” by Gregory Radick

In 1900, almost no one had heard of Gregor Mendel. Ten years later, he was famous as the father of a new science of heredity—genetics. Even today, Mendelian ideas serve as a standard point of entry for learning about genes. But in Disputed Inheritance: The Battle over Mendel and the

Skateboarders shred in Chicago’s Grant Park on Go Skate Day

On the longest day of the year, hundreds of people came to downtown Chicago with skateboards, scooters, and roller skates for Go Skate Day 2023. This audio postcard brings you to Grant Skate Park, to hear boarders stick some tricks and muse on what ska...

Sunday’s rain couldn’t spoil Chicago’s NASCAR parade

It rained, rained and rained some more through most of Sunday but it wasn’t enough to spoil Ramero Jaris’ experience in Chicago. The Miami resident says all in all, NASCAR’s street race around Grant Park was a resounding success. Host: Mary Dixon; Repo...

What is NASCAR like as an attendee?

The first-ever Grant Park 220 NASCAR street race is scheduled for this afternoon in downtown Chicago. The race is the capstone event of a weekend of racing festivities in and around Grant Park. WBEZ’s Michael Puente has been down at the event this week...

Cook County evictions reached a four-year high in May

Evictions are back on the rise in Cook County as many pandemic-era protections for tenants have expired. Last month, the number reached a four-year high when over 800 people were evicted from their homes. Host: Lisa Labuz; Reporter: Amy Qin

Things are still bumpy for Illinois’ recreational cannabis industry

Illinois’ foray into the world of legal recreational cannabis is still slow and bumpy. The people trying to enter into it have been clamoring for changes, including ways to make it easier to get started and also ensure they don’t run out of capital bef...